We have been making wine in the Margaret River Region since
our great grandfather Cesare Credaro planted his first Fragola vines in 1922.

Coming from Italy on a ticket sponsored by his brother Olympio, it was an act
of kinship that brought us here to the beautiful land we have been farming and
raising families on ever since.

Cesare purchased a parcel of land in Carbanup
for 1000 Crowns, and with his broadaxe and a jersey cow, set about making a
livelihood in the fertile soil and cool coastal climate the region is famous for.

To this day we harvest and bottle Fragola and continue to work side by
side to make things better for the generations to come.

Celebrating 100 Years


We believe that quality wine comes from integrity of the fruit from graft to glass

We use only our own grapes, and nurture them with minimal intervention through the process to the bottle. In addition to Fragola, we have a range of varietals across our vineyards, and honour the land with our premium Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnays, which thrive in the region.

For all our produce, we continue to hone our skills with knowledge sharing and building communities, much as the Fragola cuttings were handed to Cesare from his neighbours, the Meleris, 100 years ago.

Who are the Credaros

Robert Credaro is Cesare’s grandson. From a youth playing cricket on Bussell Highway, and helping his father Albert tend the livestock and produce from an early age, Robert is now taking a small step back while still having a firm hand on the operations at large.

Robert and wife Phyllis’ eldest son Matt is the face of the brand and works closely with brother Chris to oversee the vineyards and winemaking, driving the Credaro wine brand into the next century.

Chris’ twin Mike is charged with the relatively new pomegranate and avocado side of the business and is enjoying success with the diversified products now producing mature fruit for market.

And one beer guy

Brother Jason is slightly peripheral to the core family business, focused on his own partnership, the now well-known Shelter Brewery, a contemporary icon of the Busselton foreshore. Jason is head of brewing and all round beer guy at Shelter, but with his formal wine education, provides a sounding board to his brothers and offers an analytical approach to challenges and choices.

Cesare set the foundation for the future. He laid a blueprint of hard work, risk taking, winemaking and family values that created the standard for the way the Credaros farm and live today. They will continue to honour the good fortune to have landed in Margaret River 100 years ago by producing products of high quality and integrity and doing it side-by-side.

The farmer's wife

Credaro women are integral to the operation. They are the backbone of the model, a support and strength that hums along beside the work on the land, managing the day to day of raising the next generation and upholding life outside work, plus providing a trusted feminine perspective to the patriarchy as it currently stands.


As a family we work, harvest, eat and celebrate as one. We gather in the kitchen each morning for coffee and conversation over the day ahead, and create memories for our children with annual activities such as sausage making at our Woolston Farm, which our grandfather Albert started as a tradition many years ago.

We have recently grafted a range of Italian varieties to honour our culture. The Heritage Range will connect to our roots and take advantage of the beautiful conditions in the place we now call home.


We have been growing Fragola since Cesare planted cuttings from his neighbours in 1922. Back in the 1930s it was known as Red Dynamite and would be sold and served at the Carbanup General Store for the community’s social gatherings.

We have recently grafted Montepulchiano, Nebbiolo, Lagrein and Barbera for a future Heritage Range. We want our wine to be a love letter to Europe from Australia, celebrating our history and the amazing fertile land we now call home.


We are moving into the next century with a focus on sustainable, regenerative agriculture, building soil structure and creating biodiversity across the vineyards holistically.

We are expanding and diversifying through fresh produce including avocados and pomegranates. We see these as high-end products with a variety of health benefits, and have enjoyed establishing new relationships in those farming communities.

The Credaro Collies

Our Border Collies Jack, Hallie, Jasper, Tux, Harley, Darcy and Sonny, are our best friends and help us to varying degrees of effectiveness with rounding up sheep, checking on the produce, and keeping our children cuddled and entertained.

Cesare's Legacy

Cesare set the foundation for our future. He laid a blueprint of hard work, risk taking, winemaking and family values that created the standard for the way we farm and live today. We are grateful to be on the bountiful and beautiful Wandandi country, and will continue to honour our good fortune to have landed here 100 years ago by producing products of high quality and integrity.