Our Wine

1000 Crowns

Our great grandfather Cesare and his brother Olympio paid 1000 crowns for the land they settled after immigrating from northern Italy. Today we call our premium wine collection after the amount paid for the land that secured the Credaro family future for generations to come.


Kinship is the foundation on which the Credaro Estate is built. We celebrate the kinship of the two brothers that sailed from Italy for 3 months to find better opportunity, and the kinship of all the fathers, mothers, sons and daughters that have worked together to build our legacy since then.

5 Tales

Five Tales is the story of The Credaro Family Estate. One Family that traces its history through Two Countries, and the legacy that was started by Three Italians, Olympio, Cesare & Maria. Now in our Fourth Generation, we tend to Five Vineyards in WA’s south-west and our story is still unfolding.



Since our great grandfather Cesare landed in Margaret River with his brother 100 years ago, we Credaros have been side by side.

Beginning with the first Fragola cuttings Cesare planted in the soil, we have a rich history of agriculture and innovation in this beautiful place we call home, and we are proud to do it together.

On the eve of our centenary in the region, we gathered among the Chardonnay vines for a meal, reviving memories and telling our stories. Stories of love, hard work, tradition, farming, food and wine.

We look forward to sharing 100 years of stories with you at our family table as we continue to celebrate this summer.