Managing your Platinum Membership

Below is a step by step guide to managing your orders.
Our Platinum Members are welcome to contact our cellar door team to assist you with any changes.
For your convenience
you can email or
call us on 0897566520

To make changes to your orders follow instructions below
Firstly visit Click sign in to access your account

Enter your email address and password. If you don't remember your password follow the forgot you password link to receive an email to reset it

Once you login you will be taken to the main account screen.

Click on Manage your Subscription to see all the details of you Platinum Membership.

Click on Manage to reveal all of the options you can manage.

Updating your Credit Card

Upcoming Orders 

This displays the upcoming order. If you are not making changes to the products but wish to amend the quantities it can be simply done here. Please ensure that your order still adds up to 12 Bottles.

Swapping Products

If you want to directly swap one product for another you can do this by using the Swap Products.
 What ever you swap out the replacement product will maintain the same amount ie wine 1 is being swapped with wine 2 so Wine 2 will be 8. 
Change Product Quantities
Select Product (Qty) from the menu

Adding a new Product to your Platinum order 

Select products from the platinum members menu
Select Add to existing subscription
Click Add
Once you click view order it will take you back into your account.
Then View upcoming orders to confirm that you are happy with the next order